Friday, September 1, 2023

Research (written October 17, 2021)

It started with the creation of a bookmark folder called "Recreation".  First was Sportsmobile.  Then a google search on van conversions.  I also spent time looking at RV company offerings from Pleasure Way and RoadTrek.  This list would evolve over a couple of years. 

Then came the Revel.  Winnebago's offering was really intriguing - very offroad capable, wet bath, galley, bed (that could be raised/lowered), gear garage, and systems for 4 season comfort.  The only downside was all of this was in a 144 body.  There isn't really true seating for 4 passengers, which we have wanted.

I started searching for small, custom van conversion companies across the country.  I narrowed down to Revel, Mod Vans in Ventura, Outside Vans in Portland, Benchmark Vehicles in Portland, Navan vans in Seattle, and Momentum Vans in Arlington (WA). 

While a cool poptop offering, I eliminated Mod Vans fairly quickly.  They didn't make good use of spaces IMO.  They didn't setup a scheduled zoom/facetime call.  They were in SoCal.  They are a fairly new shop.

Now down to 4 PNW shops.  Emails go out.  Calls scheduled.  Details shared. 

Outside Van - They have the most builds in their portfolio.  They have standard options and fully customizable options.  They can also source the van for you.  The conversation was pleasant, informative, and it went well.  The data provided is high level.  There was nothing here that set them apart from others.

Benchmark Vehicles - I probably like their portfolio the most.  Erin spent a solid hour discussing options and working with Benchmark.  The do full custom builds.  They can point you to connections to acquire a van. 

Navan Vans - This is the most local builder as they are located about 5 miles away.  Their website has the least information of all builders.  They appear to have a very small portfolio - probably from only doing conversions for 2 to 3 years.  We will be visiting their shop soon, but likely not a builder I'm going to use. 

Momentum Vans - Jessica has been great to work with.  Brian spent almost an hour answering our questions.  We have an open invitation to visit their shop.  They have custom builds that are similar to Benchmark.  They developed their craft in boat building - this is a huge plus.  They have received amazing reviews online.  This is the builder we plan to use. 

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